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If you have ants in your house and are seeking a competent ant controller, Pest Control Broadbeach Waters can help. Ants, being sociable insects, like to dwell in colonies. Ants will infiltrate your home in quest of food and refuge. They enter your home through a small crack or hole then discover a food supply. Ant likes to eat sugary and protein-rich foods. Moreover, ants create a scent known as a pheromone, which attracts other ants. Therefore, they are in a good number in your house. Ants are easily identified. Ants pose a threat to both your well-being and your property. 

Our skilled ants control Broadbeach Waters team expertly works with all varieties of ants. They forage for food in an unhygienic and garbage-filled environment. Ant control is essential when they expand from a single little hole to a swarm of ants. Furthermore, ants quickly establish nests and then become a continual source of annoyance for you. In addition, certain ant bites are painful. Call on 07 2000 4194 to get rid of all annoying ants. We offer our customers sensible and cost-effective solutions. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Following your appointment, our skilled experts will be at your door as soon as possible.

Symptoms of ant infestation

  • Spotting living ants: Ants are long, black, and do not have the ability to fly. If you frequently notice ants around your home, this is a sign that ants are dwelling within your house.
  • Frass and debris: Frass is the waste material left behind by an ant colony. Even though you can’t see these pests and they live with you, you can smell their frass. Ants also chew on your house’s wood fibres and produce dust from that stuff.
  • Ant’s nests: Ants seldom construct nests inside your house, although invasions are typically accompanied by ant nests close to the house or perhaps even close to outer walls. Check for little dirt piles with thousands of ants swarming around. They may appear little and worthless, yet there are numerous ants lurking near the ground.

Why Should You Pick Us?

We are a reputable and licenced ant pest control company. Our goal is to provide quality and superior pest control results. We also provide low-cost local pest ant treatment.

  • Eco-friendly is only used in our ant treatment for home.
  • Methods that are both competent and very efficient.
  • Professionals having appropriate Australian certificates.
  • Response time is quick, and outcomes are assured.
  • Excellent services at a reasonable cost.
  • Organic ant control services are provided on the same day.
  • Use of cutting-edge tools and technology, as well as effective pest management tactics.
  • Emergency services are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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No need to feel helpless if you are living in a suburb near Broadbeach Waters. We are happy to help you out at an affordable price. Our local ant exterminator will be at your disposal in no time.